Terms of registration and payment – Symposium ETM 5

All symposium participants must register and make their payment before 15 May 2016. Please, check carefully what is the tarif that applies to you: (full price or special rate). You must make first your payment and after complete your registration (see registration below).
All participants to ETM5 should pay only once, regardless of their status (eg. Author, presenter, assistant) and the number of their contributions. Beyond May 15, a supplement fee will be charged.

Payment and registration
1. To register to EMT5, you must complete the online registration form.
2. The graduate students (Masters or PhD) benefit special rates. However, it is necessary to attach a proof of their status in order to benefit.
3. Payment of the registration must be made by bank transfer to the following account:

Piraeus Bank
No Compte : 5250-056231-883
IBAN : IBAN GR17 0172 2500 0052 5005 6231 883
(reason : ETM5-80191)

ELKE-Research Committee University of Western Macedonia
Address: Parko Agiou Dimitriou, Kozani
50131, Greece

Remember that most issuing banks (yours) levy a management fee for this type of transaction.
4. IMPORTANT. A copy of the payment by the bank must be sent to the Presidency of the organization This is why we ask you to make first the payment and register afterwards.
5- An invoice can be issued on request